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We specialize in building outdoor living areas and home remodels.

  • Deck Resurfacing
    We can remove your worn and deteriorated decking and install new composite or wood materials.
    Hidden fasteners are available, so your deck surface can be free from unsightly screws.
    We will inspect the existing structure to determine if repairs and upgrades are required.
  • New Decks and Design
    We provide free estimates for plans provided by your architect and landscape designer.  We want to know your objectives so that we can contribute to the creative process.  See our portfolio for a few ideas.

This is an exciting time in the deck building industry. Yester-years products are replaced with weather resistant and durable structural, decking and railings products. LED lighting provides safety and a sparkling finish. Let us introduce you to many options.

Hundreds of clients throughout the region of San Francisco have experienced the high level of quality workmanship, reliability, attention to detail, and professionalism that we provide.

Many of our customers who have chosen us as their contractor have referred our company to their friends and families. That speaks volumes about our company and our reputation.

Brucie at Steven Schneider Construction was amazingly responsive, professional and is an excellent communicator.

To schedule a free estimate call 415-492-1679 or email us.