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The crew was always on time, courteous, neat and efficient. They did a very professional job. Steve and Brucie selected exactly the right product for our deck.


Deck, Marin CA deck, deck design, deck buildingWe Design and Build Decks in Marin

Steven Schneider Construction builds and designs custom or fitted decks for the residence or commercial buildings of Marin County in California. We know CA, and are confident in our ability to quickly have your deck, pergola, enclosure or outdoor living area designed and built when you need it most!

We service many other cities and counties in CA. Here’s a list of some of the zip codes that we service in Marin, CA:

  • 94920
  • 94941
  • 94965
  • 94942
  • 94966
  • 94925
  • 94924
  • 94976
  • 94929
  • 94930
  • 94978
  • 94933
  • 94904
  • 94937
  • 94914
  • 94938
  • 94939
  • 94977
  • 94940
  • 94946
  • 94945
  • 94947
  • 94948
  • 94949
  • 94950
  • 94956
  • 94957
  • 94960
  • 94979
  • 94963
  • 94964
  • 94974
  • 94901
  • 94903
  • 94912
  • 94913
  • 94915
  • 94970
  • 94971
  • 94973

Zip code not listed? We can make special arrangements for you! Give us a call at 415-492-1679 with any questions.

We’re located in San Rafael, CA 94912 - right in Marin County! You can contact us directly by telephone or by using our online forms to request free estimates, just to the left of this page!

Our Services

We offer deck design and buildinghome remodeling and refinishing. We can accommodate the most advanced building or refinishing requests.

We know how we like to be treated, and we make sure that all our patrons experience the greatest customer services we can possibly give, because that’s how we like others to treat us.

Building a deck takes training and a bright mind. We train all our teams and are we’re always up to date on the latest industry standards and best practices.  The process of building a deck can be complex, but we make sure that you’re kept informed on each and every aspect of the deck build, we have Marin under our wing when it comes to quality and affordable deck building.

Our Promise

You’ll be kept up-to-date as we design your deck, and you’ll see all renditions of the design until you’er completely satisfied with the outcome. We further our constant communication with you as the build of the deck progresses.

Give us a call at 415-492-1679 with any questions and check out what our other clients are saying about us.